Pentel ID Book Question 3 - Early PMG

I am working on a new version of the Pentel ID Book, and I have a few questions I will be posting on here.

Back in 1969-70, when Pentel decided to release lower cost versions of the Mechanicas, they released the PMG and the Graph II.

The initial PMG and Graph II are designed very differently than later versions of the PMG and PG5.

My question is, should I break out the PMG into two different Versions (see Pentel ID Book Question 1 - Generation, Version &? for definition), like the Graph II and PG5 (yes, I know they are different models), or leave them as 1 listing, as I have it now in the Pentel ID Book (v2022.11)? I am leaning towards splitting them up, but I am asking for input on this, as I want this book to be more collaborative, rather than just my voice.

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If you’re going to split them up—which I think is ultimately helpful and the right way to do it—you’d need to detail every single difference between the generations. Otherwise, I wouldn’t see much point in breaking them up.