Pentel GraphGear 500 0.3 mm (red), 0.5 mm (green)

Does anyone know where I can get the Pentel GraphGear 500 0.3 mm (red) and 0.5 mm (green)? They were part of the “Classic Colours” set and are apparently only sold individually in Brazil.

A full set was sold on Amazon I think.

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Yes, it was, but I wasn’t quick enough and later ordered a set on eBay. However, since I would like to keep that set untouched (at least for the time being) I would like to buy these two pencils individually.

What about buying from Brazil directly? Their shipping policiy says nothing about international shipping but maybe you can send an e-mail asking them if they can ship one to Europe (I can help translating it for you in case they don’t speak english)

03 red is out of stock but 05 green is available

Also on (you can try registering and see what happens)




Okay these guys ship abroad.

03 Marsala (pack with lead+eraser around €10)

05 Verde (pack with lead+eraser around €10)

Shipping Policy / How to order / Paypal accepted


@ulfesharpe Thank you for the links! Amazon Brasil doesn’t ship the pencils to Germany but I have inquired at O escriba.

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Great! Glad to help :+1:

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For the sake of completeness: I have contacted both O escriba and A Casa das Artes. Neither of them responded to my enquiry, but A Casa das Artes put me on their promotional mailing list :unamused:

Funny thing is I didn’t contact them and they put me in their list too!! :thinking:

Sorry to hear they didn’t write back… could it be Holidays down there? It’s peak of summer…

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That’s strange.

Summer or not – his is not good business behaviour.

But it’s not your fault so don’t be sorry :slightly_smiling_face:

More so, the email they started spamming isn’t even my primary email (i.e. the one I’m logged in on Chrome)…

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That’s even stranger …

Did you want the whole set? Its available at US Amazon for 23.97 USD

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Yes, I wanted the whole set but the one at Amazon US was (and is) not in stock.

in stock at US amazon right now

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That’s odd – Amazon tells me that this item is currently out of stock, but maybe it’s because of my German address, so perhaps it’s only out of stock with those who ship to Germany.

that might be the case. I tried, lol

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Shipping from the US

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Thank you for the link! I have ordered this set, and it has already arrived. However, I wanted a second one, and since there are no customs charges on orders from Amazon Japan which results in a lower final price I have ordered another one there (which in the end came with the sticker).