Pentel Clic PD505

PD505 Clic Metal Automatic Pencil

Here I am testing out how we can set some of our posts to be more like wiki pages.

The Pentel PD505 was released in the early to mid 1980’s and is a metal coated version of the popular Pentel Clic/Quicker Clicker PD345.

These pieces are pretty rare and as far as we know they were not available in the USA.

@Heath was able to confirm that the body is not metal but plastic with a stainless steel metal finishing. Think of it like a stainless steel colored wrap.


The difference simply appears to be that the OP is editable by everyone (instead of just the OP).


Indeed, it would be beneficial to have designated posts as “documents” that serve as the “official” source of information for a given model. These posts would consolidate all relevant details about the product, including release date, dimensions, materials, pricing, and other pertinent information.

In addition to regular discussion posts, we could label certain posts as wiki or doc posts to signify their official status. This would allow for easier organization and access to offical information.


you guys are laying the foundation for that coffee table book I have been wanting! :slight_smile:


I added a Docs menu item to the top nav. Any post that we tag as wiki, documentation, or doc will fall into this section.

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We’re trying to create not only a fun community for discussing and chatting but a resource hub. Ideally when someone wants information on a certain model (especially vintage models) our library of info will be the trusted source.

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I love it; I’m all in on this.