Pentel 2 mm leadholder

Has Pentel ever made a 2 mm leadholder?

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I can surely recall their 8-colour “carousel” mechanical pencil (PH-158), and that one is loaded with 2 mm lead cores, even though they are shorter than those in a standard 2 mm pencil, and of course they come in 8 different colours.

Other than that, I should think about it, and maybe dig deep in some drawers, but nothing pops up right now… Have you checked the new edition of the Pentel Identification Book issued by one of out finest Knockologists?


Just the Multi 8.

Pentel made the PH12 2mm leadholder.

I have never seen one in the wild.


Wow! I love when I’m wrong!

Thanks to all of you! I hadn’t even thought about the Pentel Multi (and its variants) because I don’t consider it to be a “real” lead holder.

Yes, but didn’t find it because I have used the wrong search terms :confused:

Great, thank you!