Pentel 102A comapred to 101

I got around to looking at some things that came in the last shipment from Zen. Included was a 102A. Sometimes we get a surprise.when we buy things, even with pictures. This is one of those times.

First, this pencil is alot smaller than I expected. I was thinking it would be about the same size as a 101.

The tip and cap look like they are brass. Also it has no clip. This is one for the book.

Length: 101 133.5mm 102 121mm
Diameter 101 9.2mm 5.1mm



Here are a couple of my 101.

The body of 101A is slightly longer and has way more defined hexagon shape.

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The 102A is also very hexagonal. The edges of the sides are sharp. It kind of makes sense to give a better grip on a skinny pencil.