Pencils on my desk


Love the Jaguar and the pair of unusual double knocks.


Interestingly, there are no double-knocks in this picture!

The ¥1000 Sakura Slide Sharp features a retractable lead sleeve, but the metal cone always protrudes from what I call the “fuselage grip.” (I also find this black version to be slippery and impossible to use, but damn it looks nice :joy:)

And the Itoya Helvetica in gorgeous red is a surprisingly heavy pencil with a fascinating finish. But internally, this thing is just a simple Schmidt mechanism—it feels like a modernized Parker to me. I actually really love the Helvetica and would consider it for a daily driver if I didn’t have 1200 other specimens calling my name every morning.

And now I have 2 questions for @Raybonche:

  1. Do you find the Sakura difficult to grip?
  2. How nice are the etching and paintfill on that Newman? I have this specimen in black, and the etching + paintfill is comically bad. But at a glance, your red specimen looks tremendous!

Yes, there is no double knocks in the picture.

  1. Yes, the Sakura is not good to grip. Some pencils are for collecting. Some are for using. This is the former one.
  2. The etching and paintfill look fine to me.
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Got me on that one. They certainly look like double knocks but clearly they are out of my area of knowledge. Thanks for the clarification.

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