PD classic, how do you use it?

I searched about it but none came out. So im asking it here.
Seems like you can push in the shaft and turn it to left and right? and the guide pipe comes out I think. But how do you bring out the lead?

I dont know the specific info about it. Can anyone tell me about it?


First off, the PD Classic is an amazing pencil! There were two PD Classic tip styles and each operate differently. The first version has a TK-matic style lead pipe that is retractable when you twist the grip section. Once the lead pipe is out, you just start using it or if you just refilled it, press down on the tip a few times to “prime” the lead. This is a full automatic and doesn’t have a typical knock function.

The later version has an alpha-matic style tip that is still retractable, but you use the knock function to do it just like most others - press down on the tip while giving it a knock.

Here are a few videos:


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