Pay Pay Flea Market - Yahoo Japan. What proxies work with it?

Apparently the Pay Pay Flea Market hosted by Yahoo is a direct competitor to Mercari. I don’t understand what is the difference between that and Yahoo Auctions Japan. Maybe it’s something to do with ease of registering or focus on certain items. Searching for writing instrument auctions, the Pay Pay Flea Market listings come up frequently.

I like to stick with one proxy… as that nets a better shipping situation, saving up items for one bulk shipment. ZenMarket is really good and reliable, and they just bumped their time limit from 45 days to 60 days (for free storage, ¥50 per day after that). But ZenMarket doesn’t work with Pay Pay. Apparently Buyee does. I wonder, if there are any others.

What proxy have you used with Pay Pay, and has the experience between pretty much identical to YAJ?

Last year I bought some stuff on PayPay using Buyee. Then I took a break for a few months. When I opened a new proxy (Buyee) I don’t see pay pay any more.

There are a ton of services you can access- here is the top of the list

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You have Yahoo flea market which I believe is paypay