Parker-style G2 refills -- what is your preference?

Back in 2021, USharpen posted an article about Parker-style G2 refills that ranks a number of popular options. His top choice is the Jetstream Uni SXR-600, followed by Schmidt’s Easy Flow 9000 and the Fisher Space Pen refill.

Unfortunately, the SXR-600 is rather expensive, a good 30~40% more than an Easyflow 9000. I’d gotten a pen with it loaded and found it a nice performer. I’m a little hesitant to go with Schmidt, because they have a tendency to dry out prematurely if you don’t use them aggressively.

My personal favorite is PILOT BRFN-30, but it’s not a G2 type. Fortunately it does have nearly the same tip and body diameter so with some pens you can rig a spacer to get it to work.

What’s your refill of choice these days? Any tips on high performers for better prices?

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I’ve found Jetstream overhyped… it can streak and railroad like the rest of them; you just pay more for the privilege.

I think one solution is to get a refill adaptor that uses D1 refills. Then you can use an Acro Ink refill anytime.

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Good to know that about Jetstream, thanks. I really like the Pentel EnerGel XLRN, but it’s too wide for a number of pens I’ve tested.

I’ve seen some Parker G2 refill adapters sold on Shapeways… but it’s probably just cheaper to make your own using a dead Parker G2 refill body. I seem to recall you did something like this a while back. How’d you get the D1 to seat at the right length?

My favourite Parker G2 type refill is the Schneider Gelion gel. This is a very nice writing refill and is a straight forward replacement with no adaptors necessary.


I’m a fan of the Fischer Space Pen refills, but that’s because I got about a dozen of those refills for some $5 when a nearby OfficeMax closed down. I’ve been trying to crank through them but I’ve only gotten through 2 of them in the last two years.

I am a fan of Schmidt Easy Flow 9000 as well, and personally haven’t had any dry out on me… strange.


I haven’t made a Parker ‘adaptor’ but I have done so for other obsolete refills. To add a slim spacer, I use plastic tubing of various sizes. These are scrounged from the protector tips shipped with many modern refills, especially Uniball Jetstream D1. Due to my old hobby of building Gundam models, I have several boxes of spare parts and doodads. It’s always a bit daunting when making an adaptor – the residual ink is messy.