Parker Sterling Silver

Parker Sterling Silver Auction:
This pencil went for 8,250 yen in this auction.

This seems like a steal at this price. What are your thoughts?


I don’t really care about Parker at all—Schmidt mechanisms seem like cop-outs to me—but that piece is gorgeous, and that price feels low.

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Yes, Schmidt doesn’t attract much. But, it is such a beautiful piece, would love one of these just for how good it looks!


Parker 75 ciselé sterling silver.


Grandfather of the checkered design and therefore a must-have. Who cares about Schmidt …


The tip protruding a bit when you knock is nowhere near refined enough for me. Just lazy engineering.

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The characteristic grey reserve tube, metal friction collar and black holder for the eraser says it is a made-for-Parker insert, not off the shelf Schmidt. I don’t know if the original pencil model used such a drop-in cartridge. This could be a case of a ballpoint model converted into an MP by the seller using ‘official parts’.

The Parker insert was sometimes sold by pen-maker sites. This mechanism is pretty good and quite similar to the ones used in Caran D’Ache 844 pencils, except it doesn’t used the c-clamp retaining collar.