Parafernalia Space pencil

I just wanted to give a huge shout out to a certain somebody. I don’t think he’s on here and will post something on r/mechanicalpencils a bit later, but look what arrived in the mail today:

This isn’t the first time someone I barely know has gifted me a pencil and each time I am incredibly honored and appreciative, but to have someone give up something so rare renews (some of) my faith in humanity.


Wow! You got it! See, this is what I love about this community!


I’ve received a handful of pencils from fellow collectors and it’s one of the best parts of this hobby. I usually keep it hush-hush cuz I wouldn’t want someone spilling the beans on the subreddit that I gifted a pencil and now I’m getting hit up left and right


Agreed and I have had the same concerns. I’ll ask him before I post anything about it.