Parafernalia Order

I’m thinking about ordering another Revolution piece to go with my blue and yellow ones but it seems like once you add 3+ items to the cart shipping goes from $39 to free.

Anyone wanna jump in with me?

If you don’t already own a Revolution you should. Not super comfortable to use but a fun piece to own and display.

I chatted with Antonio, the owner, and he confirmed that they only have 0.7mm and do not intend to restock 0.5mm.


I’m in for (1) titanium color please.

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I’m going to channel my inner Pearson and question why they would opt not to do 0.5. I mean, 0.7 is fine, but I question the business sense of choosing not to produce the most popular lead size. Am I missing something?


@Heath might know more but maybe they don’t plan on making anymore and what they have left is 0.7mm.

Yeah, not sure why they chose to go 0.7 only. There are a few 0.5’s still available at these fine online retailers who I’ve used in the past:

The Paper Place

La Stilografica

Forgot to mention, La Stilografica has the wooden stands too!

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I managed to pick up one of these in 0.5 mm off the 'Bay. It’s in the boring “aluminum” coloration, which I think is just the raw aluminum, no anodizing. Since the 0.5 mm is discontinued, I figured it’s a good move to pick it up, eh?


Yeah that was a good move. I have a blue one and a yellow one in 0.5mm. Hoping to grab another color or two.


I got it and it’s really neat. A little smaller than I expected, but a very usable size.

There’s a bit of play in it… where you can twist on the body a bit, causing it to shift out of perfect alignment. Is that due to the screws not being fully tightened?

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I was able to tighten a few of the screws that had gotten loose over time. It feels pretty rigid now. The screws are super small and you have to be sure to select the right size to prevent stripping.


Interesting article: