Pantone Coloured Pencils - Woodcase - For Free?

I’ve had these very cool square cross-section Pantone woodcase pencils for 15+ years. Unused, tin still in As New condition. Made in Japan. The retailer price sticker says Euro 31.00.

They are free, but you will have to pay fees & postage, which is not cheap because they are not lightweight. You should figure on about paying US$25 for the postage.

Hey, what’s the catch? Well here’s my ulterior motive. They are free, but I’ve still got a couple of hundred mechanical pencils on my spreadsheet so hopefully you might buy some of them as well because the incremental postage for adding them into the parcel will be minimal. But it’s not compulsory, if you only want the Pantones then so be it.

DM me to discuss things further.


Where is the link to the pencils you are selling?

I haven’t put a link up, just DM me with your email and I will send the spreadsheet.

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I emailed you

Yep, I have replied.

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Hallo @Kiwi-d ; if the spreadsheet has significantly changed with respect to the one I saw (and picked items from) a few months ago, is it possible to see it again? Just out of curiosity — maybe I missed something last time… :slight_smile:

Have emailed you.

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