P20x - question on the differences between generations

I have been digging around and it looks like the P20x has evolved a few times since its inception in 1970. I think we are currently in the 6th generation of this pencil? Is there any documentation that details the generational differences?

I am assuming I could use the Date Codes to determine generation but then would still need to know what years each generation was sold. Is that information out there?

Nimrod’s book says that “…Date Codes may be either stamped (70’s-early 80’s) on the lead reservoir in yymmdd format or (80’s & later) stamped or printed under the band of the clip, in line with the printed text.”

This is going to sound stupid but “…stamped or printed under the band of the clip…” – would this require me to remove the clip to see it? If so, do they come off easily (don’t want scratches).

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never mind - I found it

Still curious about removing the clip

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On the P200s you can rotate the clip since it has a large opening.


A lot of what was written there was prior to my knowledge of the Date Codes, so the generations should be correct as to how to determine it, but the beginning/ending dates of the generations may shift depending on the date codes. What I wrote was my best guess based on what was shown in catalogs, or just best guess for prior to 1975.


As far as I know, the P200s are still on Generation 6, which began about 1992.


I have one from 71-72’s. It has no stamping and the lead container does not have a stopper for the cap, so it goes completely into the pencil’s barrel. The most relevant difference is a minimal increase in the diameter of the body in the grip area (1971~72 model), very subtle, but I can notice it and that small difference is important (the grip of the P200 seems very narrow to me, but the 71’s I like it).

The P200 clip comes off easily.