Overseas Proxies- which have you used and how do you rate them?

I’ve only used Zenmarket and Hoyoyo. Happy with Zenmarket, Hoyoyo is improving somewhat. I’m interested in Korean and Taiwan proxies. Gmarket in Korea seems a safe bet- can anyone confirm? I have not taken that plunge yet.


I use superbuy.com for Chinese taobao.


My favorite used to be Shopping Mall Japan. I don’t know if anyone here ever bought through them. You put a small deposit and the value was multiplied 10x (or 15x) for your bidding bank. It was more convenient than having to fully fund each bid as with all of the other services.

Zenmarket now allows bidding on credit, if you have at least 5 shipments in a year. It’s a tiered structure. It’s really convenient, because if you lose an auction, the amount is credited back and you don’t have to make any financial transactions. Their interface is very reliable and snipe works well. But getting funds credited back to PayPal (e.g. if you bid on something expensive but lost) is a bit annoying for the time it takes to complete.

I used Buyee once or twice. I didn’t like the interface and I found it a little more expensive than ZenMarket. I don’t know if it’s a lot better these days. There’s also From Japan… which I’ve never used, but have heard some people on Reddit are using it.


I’ve used Zenmarket since March of 2020 and Hoyoyo since Sept 2020. The only issues I’ve had with Zen is when purchasing pencils on Mercari. Zen has dragged their asses 3 times and failed to make the purchases while someone else bought them out from under me. If its a suspected hot item, I will use Hoyoyo(they are quicker to process orders made over the weekend while Zen likes to wait until Monday to process payments). Currently Hoyoyo is not charging service fees or consolidation fees- but this won’t last forever. Very sure that after Zen picked up Mercari, Hoyoyo lost a ton of business and they scrambled to earn back those customers- it’s working in the meantime.

Has anyone had dealings with Gmarket or other Korean proxies? Taiwan proxies???