One more for the BOXY files: BOXY Concept α

My first thought when I laid eyes on one of these: A Smash that has a metal body and knurled grip!! Double win!

And my first one was pretty beat up: A Honda City variant with a worn out grip (not in pic). These 4 BOXY came along years later. But finding the ballpoint was the topper. After lots of searches, I t found a box shot that listed the model number for the sharp: M5-1007.

On to the next BOXY!


Yuuuuge flex! I don’t think @Raybonche or I have this complete set. Bigtime points for @drifand!


Photo on the box (?) is crazy good!


That’s a ‘shijitaki’ or pencil board. Basically a plastic underlay to ensure smooth writing on school desks.


Wow that’s amazing, where’d you find them?

All found on either Yahoo Japan Auctions or Mercari. I don’t collect shijitaki but this one came in a lot with a couple other BOXY items.


Is this one of the early adaptations of the plunger style knock? I.e. distant relative of the Smash.

Smash was released in 87. I think these were 80’s too. Driffypoo may know.


I don’t have a definite date for the BOXY so it’s noted as a 1980s contemporary.

As a reference, the BOXY brand was briefly revived in 2006 to mark its 30th Anniversary.

My guess is that you don’t ‘revive’ a brand if it’s only been out of production for 2-3 years. The press release also mentioned that the brand was active from 1975 through the 80s. By that phrasing, it would seem that BOXY went out of favor in the early 1990s.


It has nothing to do with the Smash, except the resemblance of the eraser cap, it’s totally different.

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