Old Hard Copy Catalogues

I’ve sold off most of my old catalogues here in New Zealand for peanuts but kept these ones until last. I only want a dollar or two for most of them, but postage will be a killer. They average about 300grams each so whilst I might say five will cost you US$5, it will then cost something like US$45 postage to most places in the world. Ouch!!
Anyway, if anyone is interested then let me know. The Lamy history book and the two very old Staedtler ones I will want proper money for rather than a token $. :slight_smile:



Oh man the shipping is killer. I’d love to have that copy of the 1996 Pentel Catalog

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Yes shipping from NZ to USA is about twice the price of USA to NZ. Go figure.
For a single catalogue, say 300g, postage is basically US$20, so 5 for $45 is a bargain :laughing: :rofl:


I want the 3 Pentel catalogs. Are there a couple of more that some in the US would like?

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Seeing its you Nimrodd, you can have those 3 for free, just pay postage. The 1996 Katalog (German) is a colour pdf print rather than the real thing, so you may not really want that one? I forgot to say that when I put this post up. I think Lexikaliker sent it to me. If you don’t have a soft copy of it I can probably scan it but the resolution won’t be so flash. Anyway, no hurry to decide. See if any other USA folks want to combine shipping, which is worth considering.

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What country are the 2007 & 2008 Pentel catalogs?

They are
2007 = UK.
2008 = USA.