Old ballpoint pen using compact D1 style screw-in refills and fiber capacitive stylus. No branding! Ideas?

A long time ago, in an auction win far, far away… I had a pen/pencil lot that turned up a curious oddity. It’s a very simple “elongated bullet” style design, with a twist deployment. No branding on it anywhere. The writing end uses a D1 type refill with screw knob at the back end. The mechanism is nicely firm and feels luxurious. And when the tip is deployed there’s a soft detent felt. Upon retraction? There’s a curious 2 mm “rise” before descending back into the opening. It’s almost “artful” in a way.

But the weird thing is the back end. There’s this “braided” fibrous thing installed. It has a dedicated screw mounting. And it deploys with a twist action, just like the ballpoint end.

So this raises a few questions:

  1. Is this “braided fibrous” end actually a broken mechanism, where this was an inner part of it… and the outer piece was lost?
  2. If this fibrous thing is intended to be as-is… what’s the purpose? It almost looks like it might be used to brush away debris on paper. But I’d expect that needed only for mechanical pencils.

ANSWER: The fibrous braid is a capacitive stylus. This is actually a common implement for touch screens that leaves virtually no scratches even after long periods of use.
The pen itself may have been a promotional one. There is no branding anywhere. Also the stylus screw mounting is rather long compared to others available today, so it may be a long retired pen.


Some early stylus?

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I was thinking that it might be… except that it’s soft, not firm. It wouldn’t seem to make a useful stylus and largely prone to inaccurate selection.

Could be missing some fibre mesh cap on top of that … given that the pen looks rather high end.

But I’m pretty sure I’ve seen conductive stylus like that one maybe around 2005-2010. It wouldn’t have to be precise, the concept was more touch and glide (as opposed to a rubber stylus which tends to be precise but doesn’t glide very well on glass).

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BoxWave EverTouch makes a stylus pen similar to this, with a different stylus tip design. But it is a mesh fiber capacitive tip.

Here’s another.

I tested the pen with my phone screen and it worked – responsive. Unfortunately, there appears to be a missing collar that would help keep a nice “dome” shape to the tip. And I don’t see any replacements available. The only ones coming up are for shorter mounting that doesn’t feature any retractable mechanism.

Exactly what I was saying. There’s probably a proper name for those mesh tops/domes that you can use to get better search results for replacements

They’re capacitive fiber tip styluses. And many do come up. But they’re a more commonly found design, compatible with many current stylus makers. They’re all fixed mount stylus tips, though. I’ve not found any that are longer, meant for a retraction mechanism.

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