OHTO will always be my ‘Other’

Not even a ‘ProMecha’ by name but the rubber grip version of the SP-500 series is actually one of OHTO’s most solid and reliable designs.


I think the Needle-Point is unknown to me. Is the grip also kind of rubber or metal?

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The grey grip on that needlepoint BP is rubber. This is where the inconsistency of OHTO infuriates. The rubber grip MPs were in black with black grips. The only black needlepoint pen at that time was the knurled FLAT-C. Any black knurled MP? NOPE :joy:


At first I thought that rubber was kind of attractive and possibly a nice tactile feel. But then I saw an example of a used one in a YAJ listing, and the rubber had started to flare out, exposing a gap. Ugly as sin!

I’ve seen a number of OHTO FLAT-C needlepoint pens come up for auction, but in the silver color. I’ve not seen black as yet. It looks really sharp!

I kept seeing single YAJ listings for just one silver at ¥5000. But on occasion there would be a duo pack of a FLAT-C and 1000M pencil, sometimes a few bundled together and costing about ¥6000. Far better deal! I paid ¥7250 (plus shipping), but worth it. Could probably sell off just one pack on eBay and pay for the whole lot (like so).


Thumbs up, on the FLAT-C. It’s really nice! The only drawback is that it takes an OHTO gel refill. PG-805NP. It seems this particular refill is no longer made by that model number. There is a PG-105NP that looks strikingly similar, though. It has me wondering if they just changed the model number.

The shape and length looks like a match for Parker style refills. But, I tried using one I have and the tip diameter is too large for the opening in the pen tip. So I’m wondering if there may be an alternate that’s compatible.

Btw, the included refill in the one I bought had the little wax ball on the tip. And while the refill shows it’s pretty much full, it stopped writing after a few letters. I expect that it just needs a bath in hot water for a while to overcome a clog inside the tip. I did try to “re-flow” the refill, but it’s not working. I wonder if these OHTO refills have a definite shelf-life.


A close examination of the OHTO gel refill, the PG-805NP, it’s clear that the replacement candidate field will be narrow. Not only does the head of the refill need to have a small enough diameter to pass, it has to be followed by a long narrow shaft. Most refills end up stepped out earlier up. Note that this original refill was renamed to PG-105NP.

But I have managed to find a workable candidate. The Zebra F-Series. The shaft length from the tip to the point where the refill widens is a match. However, the length is a little bit short. No worries–a plastic spacer of the same diameter will do the trick. The tip diameter is just a touch more narrow. Probably enough for a little kapton tape. But the tightness is strong enough that you really don’t feel tip wobble.

Follow up: I have a feeling my F-Series refill is a bit old. The ink is flowing OK but it’s rather mediocre. Based on how it looks, I’m thinking it may be a candidate for conversion to D1 refills. But I’d rather avoid that since the pen body can obviously accommodate a lot more ink. I’m planning to just order some PG-105NP refills. From what I’ve read, this “flash dry” ink is supposed to be decent and difficult to smear.

If any of you guys know of other compatible refills, please post. Thanks!

My order of PG-105NP refills came in. 5 for $7.35 USD from Amazon USA. I can affirm what @drifand said – these are a perfect match. OHTO simply changed the refill model number for some reason. Odd that they don’t include that in the notes for this. Maybe the PG-805NP is old enough that they felt no need to bother. Anyway, this “flash dry” ink is very nice. I expect it will have about a year shelf-life once unsealed. Now I have to find a rubber end-cap to help reduce drying out.


One thing I should point out… and it’s my bad for not saying it much sooner. The PG-105NP is of the “Parker-style G2” design. However, it’s a little bit short at the tip. So when you use a traditional Ps-G2 with metal body and medium tip (not the needlepoint) in the FLAT-C, the tip extends a few millimeters further out. It’s still fully functional, but may not be the desired aesthetic.

FWIW, I tried out the PG-105NP in a couple of other Parker-style G2 compatible pens and while the tip locked into place, it sits a bit low. For instance, in a rOtring 700 ballpoint? It looks weird. It should be further out by about 2 mm. You can still write with it, though. I like the PG-105NP and I’m going to try a DIY to make the refill a touch longer so it can work better.

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