No Schmidt DSM, please

I’ve been using this ‘texture’ duo from Mitsubishi all week. The slimmer Uniball One F (F for feelings and ‘faded’) is the more grown up version of the original Uniball One hybrid ink pen, doing away with the icky rubber grip and splashing on a whole palette of sophisticated colors.

The One P (P for Pocket) is the chubby sidekick. Both designs use the same gel-format refills and sport the smart asymmetric wire clip (a design approach first seen on the Tombow AirPress).

What I wanted, of course, was an MP. So I fished around in the parts box and decided, no, a Schmidt won’t do if I have any alternatives. As luck would have it, I had already stocked up on a couple of Zebra 0.7 units - was it Sharbo? Maybe Sarasa Select - and all I need to make it work in the P was a random spacer.

So here they are. I think I will retrieve my Tombow Egg for next week. The flecked texture looks to be a good match.


Beautiful! The uniball One F is an amazing pen. However, as someone with the surname Schmidt, I must protest against this heading :smirk: