NIJI X-10 capped auto-advance pencil

Niji X-10 with Tombow X-1

Logo detail on cap finial

Breakdown of the X-10 components

Close up of the ‘automatic’ parts

Recently acquired a Niji X-10 and it is seen here with a Tombow X-1 ballpoint (probably part of the ‘Lively’ series because of the L02 mark).

I found out that NIJI is still in business and wrote in to ask about the X-10. Lo! I got a reply from a lady at Niji:

“Thanks very much for your inquiry. I reached out to the former owner of Yasutomo and received his kind reply:

"Wow, this pencil goes back to around 1990 because I believe the company was still located in Brisbane near Daly City when we brought this pencil in. This product may be in one of the old catalogs.

At the time the technology of mechanical pencils developed a system that by pressing the tip of the pencil, the lead would advance on its own. Kotobuki may have invented this system? A supplier in Japan produced this product in a metal barrel and we named it the X-10. I want to say we set the retail at $15-20 but it may have been $10 (therefore X-10) but I am not positive.

Unfortunately the pencil did not do as well as we hoped and after a couple of years we discontinued the item. Also, the factory went bankrupt. So not many glamorous details to tell you about X-10 other than I thought it was a pretty cool product but the price may have been the problem at the time."

And that’s all I got.


Wow. I absolutely love when you can get any kind of response from a company like this.


This is amazing! Did you win the recent auction on YAJ? It went for more than I anticipated, but I knew this was a really cool piece!


Yes, I think that was probably the one I bid on…


I try to be polite, and provide some online references of my posts to show I’m not some nut job. Also try to keep my questions short and to the point - I doubt the average marketing or comms exec is an enthusiast! :smiley:


Cool, that you got a few background info!

The auctions for it went quite high, but I think the pencil “deserves” it: auto-advance, metal, solid quality (IIRC).


Oh yeah that is sweet. I was bidding on that X-10 too - glad someone here got it though!

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