NicPro super cheap MP (but is it any good)

I recently picked up some NicPro mechanical pencils off of AliExpress. They ran me $1.42 plus shipping. I got two delivered for $5.18.

These are not terrible pencils. They have a strong clip, decent knurling, brass clutch and a retractable tip. I haven’t determined if this is a sliding guide pipe. It does slide back in but not as easily as a true sliding guide pipe would be expected.

Interestingly enough, the body will also accept a P200 internal. The retractable tip functions fine. This may be a cheap solution to harden a P200 for more rugged use.

A quick click test shows that after 10 clicks it is not as precise as the P200.

EDIT - I do not know if MROOFUL is the manufacturer or the distributor.


MR.AWFUL (seriously, what’s up with these ALLCAPS names) seems to be the same as the Nicpro pencils which are easily available on Amazon for a little bit more. Good to know that they are decent quality.


I was thinking the exact same thing :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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I’ve bought two NICPRO sets from Amazon. Looks identical. I am having some slippage issues with one after not so much use, but I haven’t gone in and cleaned the clutch yet so it may be no big deal. Overall they don’t suck and they especially don’t suck as a value proposition. The black ones look especially nice.


Not slidding but retracting sleeve, it’s just to make it pocket safe.