Nice Lead Containers?

So you’re saying there’s a chance…


I’m a cheapskate, I got 2 hi-polymer for pro containers (0.3 and 0.5) and just load them with ain stein B and 2B respectively since I find the way they work quite enjoyable. And similar to Drifand, I have ~5 leads on my pencils at all times. If someone made a metal version of the hi-polymer for pro containers I’d buy it in an instant.

Can’t find what you’re referring to with the “for pro” parts, but that’s fair, lead definitely doesn’t need to have crazy nice containers. That’s the pencil’s job :wink:


Huh! discontinued, by the looks of it! very interesting.

This has not happened, yet. When we originally spoke and began specking out design options he mentioned that he was pretty backed up. I believe the number of pieces that would be part of the collaboration is something he’s unable to pencil in yet.


Some Lead Containers that I had YSTUDIO Engrave for me… Their site says they only engrave pens but i was able to contact them to engrave these as well :slight_smile:

Extra: A Hemingway Brass Pencil, and a "Year of The Rabbit’ Gift set that YSTUDIO added to my order for free due to some technical issues.


They still only doing 0.7mm? This is what kills the Hexomatic for me…

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I believe so, hence why i don’t have a pencil. Very unfortunate, I agree. Can’t bring myself to buy many 0.7s at all, much to wide for me.

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