Newman ID help please

Can I get help identifying these two Newman pencils?
Trying to get model number and years it was available.

BTW - my First Newman


My first Newman (standing next to my father on a VW photo shoot):


That’s a great picture


Just found an old Newman in a box I’d forgotten…


They arrived today.
They both have a sliding sleeve which was unexpected.
Does anybody know when these things were sold or the model or name etc.?


Lower one is often called „Super 5“. It’s the same design as the „Super 2“, i.e. the 0.2mm Newman.


Thank you

How do you like the Super “5” compared to other cross-hatch style mechanical pencils in your possession? If I’m not mistaken, I believe Newman used some kind of aluminum alloy so the pencil feels rather light.

I had these to compare (left to right)

  • Newman Super 5: of the 5 shown this one has the most subtle etching.
    Weight = 15g
  • PILOT H-1505: The etching on the two PILOTS are very well machined and comfortable to hold.
    Weight = 14g
  • PILOT Clutch Point: Weight =20g
  • Platinum Riviere – The etching on the Platinum pencils is deepest of the three and has ‘sharp’ edges. Weight = 14g
  • Platinum MNS-2500: Weight = 14g
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Thanks, Patrick. Well that’s good to see. The aluminum alloy I had suspected was because of another Newman model I’d gotten that suggested that. So it appears the Super-5 is all stainless steel.

I also picked up one of those Platinum Riviere all steel black etched pencils and have to say it genuinely surprised me. Terrific quality, right up there with PILOT.

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When the Super 5 arrived I initially thought it was painted. But it is just very subtle etching. I had to get the magnifying glass out. It has a sliding sleeve and feels pretty good in your hand.

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