New Zebra Knock Pencils

This is my first topic here. I just came back from Japan and I grabbed some pencils during the trip; these are the new M1700 pencils from Zebra.

Generally speaking, I am not a Zebra fan and I don’t buy Zebra pencils often. However, when I saw them, I think Zebra has done a great job putting simple designs and shaker feature into this knock type pencil, so I decided to buy some just to support companies who are actually making good mechanical pencils these days.

I like the simple, straight, light look of the design in a shaker (like the Pilot ones). Also, it’s affordable pricing is great for every day work use as well. The transparent one is also very fun to watch when knocking, shaking, or pulling out the rear cap for adding leads. The long eraser might be a plus to someone as well (but I don’t use built-in erasers).


10 years from now, someone will be craving for these from their childhood today.