New Pentel Excalibur Information

I just received a Pentel UK 1978 Christmas Catalogue (see Pentel Catalog post), and it has the later Crown Excaliburs in 0.7mm, but with different model numbers for some of them.
I have always cataloged the last set of Crown Excaliburs under the following numbers for US and JP, but now I have the UK models (and probably the rest of the world).

Pencil US Model (0.7) UK Model (0.7) JP Model (0.5)
Silver P1007 PX7-20 PX20
Gold PX7-21 PX7-21 PX21
Black/Gold SG7 PX7-22 PX22

Another new find is a puzzle to me. In late 1970 or 71, Pentel released the first Excaliburs, the P1005 & P1007. These models have been backed up by box find (for the P1005) and Excalibur brochures (for the P1007). Both of these models have what I call Logo 1 (leftmost image) which is a line drawing of the Crown above Pentel. This is the only model I have ever found this version on.

This, more than anything else, led me to believe that these were the first Pentel Excaliburs. I recently came across a photo on Twitter of this same body style, with a different Crown above Japan.

Pentel P1005 (08) 01
This confuses me, as the Japan marking leads me to believe this could be a prior release to the boxed P1005. The Crown is still single line, but much thicker than the above Logo 1. Why they would regress to the simple line drawing for later releases doesn’t make much sense, unless the thickness worked against it. Also, unlike the released P1005 & P1007, which has the size stamped on the back above Japan, this pencil has nothing on the back.

I believe it is a prior model to the released P1005, or even a prototype.

edit: corrected PX model numbers in grid


PX not PG


I just noticed this last night. On the last page of the Excalibur US Brochure 1973.pdf (in the Catalog directory), the pen has this same logo: Crown over Japan.

I am beginning to think that this may be a prototype. The thicker line of the stamp causing too may problems, so they went to a single thin line stamp for production.


Nice detective work on these early Excalibur versions. Let’s hope one pops up online. :call_me_hand:


Welcome back !


I made a trade for the one in the Twitter post. Hopefully it will be here early next week.



I just received the Pentel P1005 Prototype (or so I assume) from a trade with a twitter user in Japan.
It has some dents around the body and a spot of rust on the side and the underside of the clip, but I will take that to get this unknown model.

Aside from the standard old style clip with the font running down the clip and the stylized P at the top, it has the Crown over Japan and no other markings.