New pencils... what say you?

Hey Knockologists,

I’m considering putting in an order for some new pencils to add to my collection.

My criteria are:

  1. New new, not NOS.
  2. Models that are only available in Japan.

I like the look of the Orenz AT for starters, but I’m curious what you guys would order?

All suggestions will be considered.

Thanks to all who reply.

I just ordered and Orenz AT. It is the only new pencil to get the juices flowing recently.


Besides the OAT, there were some low key launches by Sun-Star: Nicolo dual and Sharm MP/eraser. The non-limited KT Dive is still months away. You might also be able to get the Loft limited yellow rotring 600, or the two Nonble limited colors. Pilot released The Dr Grip…


Some of my favorites

Pentel Orenz Manish Line
Pentel Orenz Simple Days. Both regular and metal grip.
Pentel Kerry Limited colors.
Pentel Smash gold series
Pentel Graph 1000 limited colors.
Lots and lots of other limited print Pentel Orenz
All the r 600 colors.
Paraphernalia revolution (not Japan) when they restock.

Tons more but you said Japan only.

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Hmmm Manish is kind of old at this point. I thought that they were a limited series from the before times.

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I ordered all 4 Orenz AT variants, but I haven’t seen anything else worth purchasing :woman_shrugging:t5:

You’re kinda old at this point. :joy:

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So’s your mum :wink:

Also, thanks everyone. Some good suggestions. I’ll check each one out.