New member to the PG500 series

I was walking around in Tokyo last month and I grabbed the new MUJI black pencils to my PG500 team. Basically it’s the black version of the current white ones. Inexpensive good quality pencil for both work and home uses though.

Since this is essentially a pentel pencil, so I guess I would just add this one to the pentel section.
Modified : sorry for the out of focus photo, I retook it with addition of CDT version of the pencil to the group.


Still waiting for this to turn up in Singapore…

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I think I saw this on Ali Express for notta lotta dough, wherever I saw it, it called to me. Wait, no, I think what I saw was more of the Japanese GG500s - boring colors, but the nice lead-indicator cap. I will confirm & return.

EDIT: it was the boring-color ones, on sale cheapish @ $6.65

Still not sure where I saw this black MUJI.

EDIT 2: On eBay, duh. @ $13.



Well, that’s the white one, but the black one is a recent addition. I don’t see it on Ali Express yet.

I just ordered my black ones via ZenMarket direct from

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Here are the links I ordered from


By the way, the new black MUJI 0.5 looks looks like a clever cost-cutting measure to me: Take the tip/grip of the PG515, the body of the PG525 (without marking), the clip of the PG51x and the button of the PG1005; for the 0.3 it’s the tip/grip of the PG513 and the button composed of the PG1003 (upper black part) and the PG51005 (lower white part). I wouldn’t be surprised if the white MUJI pencils were soon no longer available because the white parts were only available with these (and probably only produced for them). – This also offers the opportunity for a stylish MUJI 0.4 mod.

Correction: The Pentel GRAPH 600 0.3 (PG603) had a white barrel and a white cap (with black inner part) which looks identical to the parts used for the white MUJI so please ignore most of the above :wink:

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Greetings from the GraphGear 500/0.5 from the “Classic Colours” set and from the Alina Pen Maker modified GraphGear 500 (Japanese cedar, but 0.4 mm) :slight_smile:


Wow, the grain on the cedar wood is really pretty! :flushed:

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I’m happy to hear that! However, the photo is a bit too dark – I had trouble capturing the colours.

Thank you again for making me aware of Alina! :smiley:

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