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Hello all.

I am new here (directed from another webpage). My name is Alfred. Most of my friends call me Al, like in the Paul Simon song if you’re old enough to remember that! Any variant is ok, as is my screen name Monsoon.

Have been living mostly in Thailand of late and working there and adjacent countries. As it is hot and humid I find that pencils serve me better in my work, which is often out in the field. So I am not strictly speaking a collector and more someone who is interested in find quality tools to suit my environment and needs. At present I have around a dozen mechanical pencils and clutch pencils, the latest being a rOtring 800 which is proving to be very good.

Anyways, wanted to check in and perhaps get a sense of what’s new in the world of MPs.



Hi Al, and welcome!

Question: are Pyramid brand mechanical pencils easily available where you live? I’ve had to jump thru many hoops trying to buy them online from outside of Thailand.


Hi drifand, thank you.

Haven’t really looked in local stores for quite a while so dont recall that brand specifically. I think there are a few other brands that are rebranded for local market. Most of the time I have just looked online but will have a look next time I go to the city.


Hey Al, nice to meet you and yes, definitely old enough for the song reference lol. Just curious, I’m assuming the referring website was Reddit?

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Hi Heath, the referring website was actually FPGeeks. Mostly a fountain pen and ink place but they do have a pencil subsection. Not a great deal of traffic on it tho one member has some interesting vintage stuff they post photos of.

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