New buy for daily use

Vacation being over, since I started working again, decided to treat myself to a bunch of quality utensils…Until now I’ve been using a Pentel 207 and a Rotring Tikky 2 in 0,9. These four are not new but very lightly used, for 40 euros shipped I couldn’t go wrong.

What do I work? Well, I’m an architect. Yes, one of the jobs for which MPs were invented in the first place. Obviously I dont do drafting any more, its all CAD now, so these are used more for writing in my daily planner and the occasional sketch / floorplan part / detail drawn in order to explain stuff to the younger guys and gals in the office. Also love the tip retracting feature so I can carry them around. Tried them all, so far I think the GG1000 in 0,9 will spend more time on paper…


I never really warmed up to the GG-1000. The holes should’ve been squares, rectangles, or circles. Something about the oval… just makes it look dated to me. And that exaggerated clip is a bit much, especially since you can’t remove it without damaging the body (Pentel should’ve made it detachable). But I have to say, the 0.9 mm in yellow is a good color, in contrast to the silver.


Hold on. You’re saying they should have made the pocket clip removable? But that’s how you unKnock it plus the “put it in your pocket and the tip retracts” feature wouldn’t be there.


Yea, The best part of the GG-1000 is the clip! It may actually be the best part of this particular model. I can’t say that I really like anything else about it. Clearly some people really love these, more power to them.


I’ve a full set of GG1000s and for a ‘dual grip’ , they aint all that grippy. Knurling could have been more aggressive and the nubs could protrude a little more. A heavy MP like this needs a better grip, dual or otherwise.

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Presumably in the design, when you remove it, there would be a finished button raised just a little that you can press to un-knock.

In any case, I think they could’ve made the clip a little more streamlined.


This gg1000 thing is just butt ugly – no need to write long essays :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


The clip looks like those aggressive toothed clips you see on clipboards. And those oval cutouts… just look a bit silly. With just a few minor adjustments, this could’ve been very handsome pencil.

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The grip works well for me, despite the fact that I often get sweaty hands. Visually I’m not very fond of the ovals too, but you have to look at them in the context of the overall design language. The whole pencil is full of (functionally) useless curves: the cone, the clip, the flared knock.

But all together these make the pencil easy to recognize at a glance in a pile of other MPs. For sales and brand recognition that is the best news.

Just like the VW Beetle in the classic car world: some love it, some hate it, but everybody, including outsiders, recognize it immediately.

Fiat Multipla is a better analogon :innocent: