Nestler pen/pencil set

Does anybody know who made this Nestler pen and pencil set?

The pencil is retractable with a push button on the side (just like e. g. the rOtring Tikky double push).

I bought this set about 15 years ago.


Dunno who made it, but I love it! LINEX made a few pencils that were similar to other manufacturers’ pieces in the 1980s (and a particular piece that looks like a cousin of this one); perhaps Nestler did the same thing with these two.

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Check if the eraser is the same of the tikky double push :wink:

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I think that Nestler (like many other companies that did/do not specialise in pencils) has commissioned such sets to round off its product range. – Do you happen to have a photo of that particular piece?

I did, but they are very different.

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Another one I regret selling ahah. It is a nice pencil. I believe the elongated retract button on the side is something that you not see replicated too often.


There is something about it that reminds me of the Rotring double push, though…

Those sets were a bit like “for office” combos, right? Targeting corporate gifts, etc, like Senator’s?


I had left this in my cart on Merc, went to purchase and it was gone :confused: