Need help with a few search terms

Hi - I am trying for find some skeleton Kerrys. I know of a gold and a silver (silver being harder to find). Are there others?
I am only finding these by chance - basically looking at every single Kerry post (Yahoo Auction, Mercari, etc.).
Are there some search terms that you can recommend?


Even searching using “Pentel” vs the Japanese kanji “penteru” yields different results.

Because of idiosyncrasies like this, I recommend going through everything on Mercari Japan in reverse chronological order (newest first).

I’ve bought from this seller and everything was right, so I recommend.


I know you have suggested this numerous times, and I have tried that, but how do you limit your search for new listings to just mechanical pencils? Otherwise I get tens of thousands of other listings mixed it.

Trying not to be an askhole.

(askhole – someone who routinely asks for advice and then refuses to do it)


Mercari is bullsh!t—you’ve got to wade through all the “writing instruments,” which means 70% of the results will not be relevant to you. You will get very good at spotting valuable pencils in this environment.



Also, if you check enough it doesn’t take long.

I think we all have our morning routines of scrolling through the new listings.


You also have to understand that not everything is always available.

Example: there may be zero Kerry Tokyo Hands listed right now.

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You don’t.

Here is my search for Pentel (ぺんてる)

The worst part on Mercari (and to a lesser extent on Yahoo Japan), is that people slap every manufacturer in the description, so at times you may get only 1 or 2 Pentels out of every 10 listings, and sometimes it is much better.


That’s the penteru search, but like I said—if you search for “Pentel,” you’ll see results you don’t see with the kanji search (and vice-versa). This is why it’s imperative to browse all listings if you’re on the hunt for a specific piece. (Sorry the truth sucks—but this is indeed the truth.)


Mercari seems to be a lot worse through the website? I use the app and the search is super powerful. I almost never get bad results.

On the search terms, I recommend
ぺんてる pentel
ケリー kerry
金色 gold
透明 transparent
Some combination of those should give you what you need.


This! The “search terms” in the descriptions make the search useless. I guess at Yahoo Jp it’s forbidden like at ebay.


Mercari is definitely an app-first company