My old photo, but I still love the colours very much


Any spares? :slight_smile:


You have the best profile photo :star_struck:

This is my absolute favorite example of a single pencil model that was offered in different colors/styles.

(And the Quatro series is my next favorite.)


Honest question: they look very cool no doubt. But what’s so special about them?

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Visual appeal. Pilot makes plenty of serious / elegant / executive style pencils. These are one of those times that they break out of the mold.


This group will be my doom, I’m already going deep down the Mars rabbit hole and you guys plunging me into the Pilot one as well…


There is a kind of understated elegance to the fluted plastic body in an array of rich, saturated primary colorations. But the rather distinctive move by PILOT here was the clip, incorporating a body matching color inlay. I really like that touch, especially how it’s a comfortably sized disc, rather than a small rectangle.

I understand that these are a lower tier pencil, priced at ¥500. Is the mechanism quality about on par with other ¥500 models or does it feel like these are punching above closer to ¥1000?


These are extraordinary pencils that feel like they could wear the ¥1000 banner without flinching.

You nailed the clip detail, and I also love how the top of the barrel is fixed with an aluminum sleeve to add some elegance to the plastic, which would otherwise dominate the aesthetic.

And then you add Pilot’s executive water droplet tip—my all time favorite for writing—and you get a legendary pencil that has no modern analogue.


I’d been a bit snobbish and pretty much overlooked vintage pencils sticker priced below ¥1000. Are these fairly common and obtainable?

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