My Kerry Collection in a Pentel Case

I got the latest Kerry Pencils today (thanks @knocktype11), so I decided to reorganize my lighted Pentel case to display all of my Kerrys.

Here is the top tray of the case with most of the non-set limited editions.

This is the middle tray in the case with, for the most part, the recent sets of P1035 Kerry’s, plus my P1135, P1135N, RK10 & P2135 Kerrys.

And here is the bottom tray with the 5 original colors, of various varieties, plus the 2 P1037 and the 4 Q535 Kerrys.

And, here is the display case.


Incredible. Love the Kerry. If I ever complete my Clic collection, I might just move on to these.


That last shot… like fine vintage in a vault!


Per this Note page: ぺんてる ケリー(KERRY)コレクション(*A)|yellowdali

Aside from the Sterling Silver Kerry (of which supposedly only 10 exist), I am missing the original Gold Kerry (P3035) from the '90’s and about 7 other older limited editions.


I have zero doubt that one day you will end up with a sterling silver one.


Soooo many beautiful pieces. I think I’ll always like the skeletons the most, just so intriguing. Doubt I’ll ever get my hands on one though, considering the cost.


Where are you located?

Pentel Kerry Cooler. Keeping 'em fresh for all time! :smile:


The other Pentel case (you can just make it out on the right), has a bunch of Graph/GraphGear pencils. I have not wired it up for lights yet.

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Southern Wisconsin, Basically living equally between three locations here now!

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I asked because I thought you were maybe in a country that makes it nearly impossible.

Yeah even here in the states you’re looking across the $50 mark.

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Yeah. I’m no stranger to extremely expensive writing tools, but I just don’t enjoy my current Kerry enough to spend 50+ on a new one.