My first Caran d'Ache

Decades and thousands of pencils later, I finally got a Caran d’Ache. Been avoiding this brand for a long long time. Will use it for a while before I make my final conclusion but I don’t suspect I’ll be getting any more. :thinking:


I like the color. I’ve been picking up orange pieces here and there.


The real fun is in vintage CdA…

The Fixpencil F-S Metal 50 has wicked machining on the nose cone and an adjustable cushioning system inside.


In person the color is much more intense and of a different hue.

It seems to me a good pencil for writing, but of course in the group of collecting pencils it is not super remarkable, but a non-collector user would be satisfied. The Black Code model, which has the matt black clip, seems to me the most beautiful.


@First_Sail sent me this pencil in a trade and I am more than appreciative of him for sending me something of higher value than what I sent him (PD355).

After having it on one of my desks for a week or so I will say that I like it. It’s not a show-stopper (although the color is pretty rad), but I will probably end up picking up some more in colors that appeal to me if the price is right.


It’s the orange, maybe the light blue is more for show, they’ll tell you - oh what a nice light blue pencil, but the orange you got is pretty ugly, I got the better part, we can trade anytime.