MUJI capped mechanical pencil

I don’t own one. Anyone here have one of these? Any good?


This was one of my earliest finds after learning about the Pentel Kerry. It is basically an OEM version of the Ohto Tasche, except low key and with a different clip.

It is OK. Very compact. Main worry is the cap’s long term friction on the body as you actuate it. But since it’s raw aluminum, it shouldn’t be too noticeable unless you really use it every day.

Interestingly, I found a related variant on Amazon some time later – a similarly configured ballpoint for LEXON. Main difference is that the raised middle band had a number of grooves machined into it.


I’d read up on the OHTO Tasche and there were enough nitpicks floating around that I just didn’t bother. That’s interesting to hear about LEXON. I once bought a drafting ruler made of aluminum by them really nice design. And by chance I’d also picked up a small slip joint blade, shaped like a stretched guitar pick. I figured LEXON makes an assortment of tools for the drafting industry.

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I took a double exposure with the capped and posted modes. Lexon is a fair bit longer.


I’ve got one. Nice design, not a bad pencil but it’s very small, definitely a pocket model.

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I LOVE the capped MUJI. For me, it’s a pencil I immediately considered making a daily driver.

Love the all-aluminum body and the tip style—this pencil is well-suited for everyday note-taking, etc.


Yes, I have one. Despite some negative reviews of it on the net I like it, and wish there were a companion fountain pen (the Ohto Tasche has slightly smaller dimensions; I’ll take a side-by-side photo this evening). I would love to be able to take it apart but it’s pretty solidly held together with glue and/or tolerances so tight it will never come undone again without damage. For a person who loves disassembling things that kills me every time.

My favorite Muji, btw, is their tect 2way light lookalike, in clear translucent plastic. I like it more than the actual zebra version. I also like their fountain pen; I keep one inked at my desk.