Movado vintage pencil & pen set

Last December I won an auction for a Movado pencil & pen set …
Now I pictured it in a combo with Porsche Design Arc. I thought the similarities are closer, but when I think a bit over it, that’s logical: FC could not manufacture for Movado using PD’s design … Still there is a clear relationship between both editions. The more I am happy to have the Movado set, it’s not “just” a branded variant of the Arc.

I took 2 Arc pencils in the photo just for symmetry (I don’t think I have an Arc pen). The photos are bad, even for my standards … Maybe I will repeat in daylight environment, but today it was too cloudy and dark.

The golden ring of the pencil carries the Movado name, the one of the ballpen does not (maybe it’s a replacement part – the pen is much more used than the pencil).

The finish looks very similar at both editions, and both have substantial weight (PD more due to the larger length). Overall the PD design looks more consequent to me.

Both pencils are automatic (alpha-matic tip I would say).

The Movado set came in a alpha-matic box, into which they nicely fit. Nevertheless, I guess it’s not the original box and Movado had their own branded box.


When I see ‘Movado’ I instantly recall the classic ‘museum watch’ dial design with the minimalist ‘floating’ gold disc 12 o’clock marker. I wonder if that was part of the design intention for the clips?


I also think that’s the idea of the clip.