Most ubiquitous MP?

If you were going to name one pencil that is somewhat ubiquitous or common in North America and Asia (or even globally ) what would that pencil be? I was considering that it may be the P200.

I was just wondering what would be a MP that a majority of collectors and enthusiasts would be familiar with.

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In America, this is undoubtedly the P200 (because I’ll kill anyone who mentions the cheap-ass Bics :grimacing:).

But in Japan, it’s gotta be something else…


Yeah, the P200 was my first thought too. I used a P205 throughout most K-12 until I bought a PSD5 for college. I still use the PSD5.


My wife says I’m a snob because I don’t even recognize these as pencils.
She bought one of those 24 packs some time ago. I use them to stir paint and to apply Super glue precisely.

On a side note the mere fact you can’t buy just one at a time should be an indicator that you are buying a garbage product.


I would say the P200, in Brazil several brands also have their P200 fake. Here, in every stationery there is a P200 or a P200 clone.


Are you sure? I have bought single P200 series pencils before. Maybe some places break them out of sets?
EDIT: Oops, you were talking about BiC’s!


I think he meant the cheap BICs


Interesting question. Here in Italy, I think the P200 series is not seen as the “standard” pencil, and is considered more like a specialty pencil for junior architects or engineers, but it must face a tough competition.

The issue with my country, I think, is the proximity to so many respected pencil makers (to name a few: Rotring, Staedtler, Faber-Castell, Caran d’Ache), and the sheer amount of influence these companies had on our domestic market. Besides, regions closer to France were exposed to Conte-Gilbert pencils, and we also had niche dealers importing from the US and Japan “before it was cool”. Finally, we had our manufacturers as well, like FILA, and they fought as well for their position in the spotlight.

What I can say, though, is that Bic’s are just pens here, and that young students use wooden pencils more often than mechanical pencils (drafting classes also typically require clutch leadholders rather than MP’s).


Yes, I go with Leonov. Definitely not P20x. The question is difficult, because FC & Staedtler didn’t have a long-term, unchanged pencil model like the P20x (low cost, decent quality).
And yes, BiC is only ballpen here.


When I was in junior high and high school (New York City suburbs), the Pentel Quicker Clicker was very common. More so than any other brand. You could say, ubiquitous. But this was a user-pencil, not considered something to collect. The colors offered weren’t prolific. I remember just a few different solid colors and then the tinted clear options. I had one in solid blue and a smoke version. I’ve no recollection of anyone in my school, or my personal friends, buying more than a few as “collectibles.” I remember the P205 being used by some classmates, but it was less favored due to the long lead pipe. The Quicker Clicker had a shorter one that made it more versatile. Long enough for use in geometry class to work with rulers / tracing guides, and forgiving enough for script and printed writing.

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