Morison FUTURE cartridge pen & friend

Morison is one of those second tier pen makers who also made some interesting pencils. In this case I was drawn to this FUTURE capped pen for its art deco-ish streamlined style.

The pen was originally a cartridge fed roller pen, but the tip had corroded terribly. I decided to take it apart and refit it with a D1 instead.

What pencil goes well with a capped design like this? Kerry, obviously. But I wanted it to match the color theme as closely as possible. Result was a combination of a Grey model with the front section from a standard black model, and the nifty mid-section from the CDT edition.

What do you think?


Yes, that mod to the Kerry looks great. That line has so much “LEGO” possibilities. :smile:

Morison is a strange brand. I agree, they made a ton of 2nd tier writing instruments. But a few designs were really nice. I also have a short pocket-pen ballpoint. It has a cross-hatch pattern to the whole body. Will have to dig it up.


Do share a pic. I search for Morison once in a while, hoping for surprises.