Morison 0.5mm — Photos

Stainless steel unibody with etched grip section
Plastic silencers (pushbutton and nose cone)
↔ 130mm / ø 8mm / 10g


Thanks for sharing this. Morison is super under the radar but they do make a few really nice designs like this one. The plastic ‘neck’ after the cone… can crack… and it is not obvious in YJ listings, so do beware! I know coz I have one with this problem.


That’s a nice looking pencil


Same problem as with many fuji coronas…

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Cool Morison piece! Obviously based on the Fuji Corona model that was adapted by quite a few of the major OEMs.


It would be interesting to understand what was the panorama in Japan back in the day when some of these apparently all different companies were using the same OEMs. I mean, what was their status and what were they trying to achieve.

To my perception, on one side, and more capable of innovation, there were traditional companies like Mitsubishi, Platinum, Pilot or Tombow that were established industry leaders in pens and pencil making (Platinum and Pilot more devoted to pens and merging traditional writing tools like fude brushes with modern parafernalia). Then Pentel, that was seemingly more focused in crafting and creating solutions for MPs. There would also be Uchida (which a bit like Tombow had a larger range of office solutions, not just pens or pencils and ventured into technical drawing utensils and equipment)… Even some stranger/older companies like Colleen that were primarily devoted to lead development and wood-cased pencils (like Henry David Thoreau!)

But then there seems to have been a good number of alternative companies, some possibly affiliated with bigger companies or simply brands, that were putting together pencils out of OEMs. Lion Office, Fuji, Newman, Morison, Chukiu, Hemmi, Mitukan… Were they single ventures that eventually couldn’t hold on? Were they spin-offs? Are there any catalogs of these brands out there?

Might be nothing, but I feel the world is waiting for a more comprehensive explanation :nerd_face:



文具メーカー ニューマンは、1983年に創業者である皆川辰三が癌により62歳で急死してしまい、後継者の問題によって、1984年に自主廃業を余儀なくされました。

I couldn’t have guessed such ending

I don’t know much about these brands, I just attach one picture of Fuji here by the way