ML7 or new unknown?

I got this one recently. It is the same size as a ML5 (about 130mm).


Hmmmm. I don’t think this is a known item to us. :thinking:

If it’s 130mm and a 0.7mm, and marked as so, then ML7 would/should be the model.

Gotta wait to find a box to confirm. (the Jimmy rule). :blush:


Does it fit the internals + cone of an ML5?

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New pencil for the book.

I will call it an ML7 tentatively.


But the box, Jimmy! You need to see the box!!! Kidding :joy:


I’ll see if the internals can be swapped with an ML5 of the same vintage.


It is hard to tell from the pictures but this is one of those from the transition era. It has the old logo on the clip but the new one on the body. I have never seen an ML7 before.


Can I use those pictures for the book?

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Sure. But I will try to get some on a white background next time I have the light box setup.


YES! Yes I do.


But…its a 0.7mm…

Might as well be a fountain pen :rofl::sweat_smile::innocent:

Joking aside, was this an accident? Or did they purposely sell you a 0.7? I apologize on their behalf… Make sure to recycle it though, throwing it away deprives it of it’s possible reincarnation into an ACTUAL mechanical pencil.

I do only use .7mm with blue lead. The lines are just too fat for me. This one will likely will see minimal use by me.

Fountain pens seem excessively fiddly. Using 0.2mm lead is on the edge of what I am willing to mess with. If the lines were not so fine and without the orenz mechanism it would not be worth it.

A box would be excellent! I’m bidding on that when it comes up on YJP.

I would settle for a box of ML3 pencils.

Oh wow that’s true I didn’t notice the old logo on the clip.

Incredible piece :+1:

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