Mitsubishi acquires LAMY

The Mitsubishi Pencil Company acquires LAMY, aiming to lead the company and brand into the future

I can imagine that this will lead to some interesting and high-quality products!


Checks calendar OK, it’s not April.

So that’s where all the Dive profit went to!

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The first thing to do for Uni is to blow up the entire production line of M16.

Lamy 2000 black wood ballpen, I really want to take it for light daily use (and meanwhile, enjoy the writing tool itself), but every time I pick it up to write for a while, few minutes later I give up because of that goddamn refill

At least, we need a Jetstream ink Lamy refill, M16 specification has some historical meaning for Lamy, maybe they just want to keep it forever


I really can’t imagine the merging of products at this point.

Sounds to me more like a strategical move. Uni benefits from a higher-end market in Europe on top of chain stores and big surfaces and is interested in being present at all levels of distribution in this sector. And like every other manufacturer in Europe (even the most successful ones) Lamy probably welcomes a good injection of capitals — but especially the opportunity to enter the asian market in the lower/mid segments of their production line.

The fact that it is common to see Lamy mid range writing tools in jp auctions at very high starting prices, to me it means that they’re probably not that easy to find there — which creates a lot of room for “Safari copies” to fill that gap in a very large consumer market.

Just guessing/first impressions

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I want Uni to inject some color sensibility into the Noto. Screw the pseudo metal nose cone. Bring back one-tone designs.