Minor pieces for trade

Hi guys, I post this pencils in case anyone is interested in trade, they are all in excellent condition.

edit: the Polo is traded.


Is that an Ohto Rays?

Nope, Parker Jotter 0.5 pencil.

Would you sell the pink S3?

Yes I could send it to you but the shipping costs more than the pencil itself, that’s why I was thinking of trading them all together, but yes, I can sell it to you (don’t you have anything for trade?)

Ah that’s right, I wasn’t even thinking about shipping.

I’ve only had one thing ever not make it to its destination, and that was a package sent to you. I still have nightmares about that.

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There is a PD335 lost in the world😞

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The Pilot Birdie is super nice. Whoever gets it will be quite pleased.

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Staedtler Polo is already traded.

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