Midori’s GROOVY

Midori is one of those not-quite bit players who made a few distinctive but always obscure MPs. I think of them in much the same vein as Sun-Star.

Aside from the GROOVY… what else? I think only unfortunately named ‘SLIMMY’ flat design, and a couple of ‘CL’ branded compact pens and pencils from the mid 2010s. Nowadays, they make notebooks and mini stationery sets. And some nice aluminum rulers. :slight_smile:

PS. Midori is also the maker of Traveler’s Company leather-bound notebooks and brass pens.


These are really cool! I love funky plastic pencils like this.

Next time just Photoshop the price sticker on the oddball. My OCD can’t handle that. :blush:


Good life with Slimmy!!! :smiley:

I have a Midori wooden mechanical pencil, which I bought new. So Midori is not sooo long out of pencil business …