Micro magnetic screwdriver bits

I’d gotten a really great mini screwdriver by HOTO, with a nice assortment of bits inside, magnetically secured, with a holder magnetically secured. Bits fit into the front magnetically as well. My only gripe was that it didn’t have all of the bits I wanted and some that I’d never use.

I looked around for a supplemental magnetic bit kit but didn’t want to spend a lot of money and get too many useless bits. Finally found a good one on AliExpress. LINK

Two options: 25 or 63 bits. The 25 is $5, and the 63 is just shy of $10, so I got the latter. Shipping is stated as being 12 days, but I got mine in 8 days from date order placed. Super fast.

The case the bits come in is spring loaded. They seem to be good quality. The screwdriver handle is very narrow… and I prefer a wider grip (hence the main screwdriver I mentioned). Overall, not a bad deal for the price, especially considering the fast shipping (no waiting 20+ days).



Dang it Gary. I’m a tool junkie.


Tell me more about it…


Also! When we were talking about this HOTO and I said I already owned a good kit, I was referring to that exact same one from ali! Its a great kit and will last you very long if you treat it correctly.

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Ah, you probably have a lot more than me then Thomas. I’m not quite a junkie yet, but… I have been pretty good about keeping all the tools I’ve bought over the years. I could probably learn a lot from you!

This is the HOTO I mentioned.

Really nicely made with lots of great touches. So easy to slide into a travel bag. I got it in that color shown above. It’s gorgeous in person!
OT – oh man… I just noticed that keyboard has “HOTO” on it. I’m guessing they make keyboards. I’ve been good about not getting into the mechanical keyboard game (that’s a huge rabbit hole). I generally like quiet keyboards with only a very light feedback sound. Round keys look amazing, reminiscent of typewriters.


Wow, you’re well equipped there Forrequi! Those screwdrivers have very curious handles. I’ve never seen them before. They look nicely designed–visually attractive and probably very good grip. What’s the brand?


I will need to check when I get home but the red-yellow ones are for electrical work. The grips are superb and very comfortable. I got a good 90% of these from my father.


@cytherian They are from Wera. The grip is shaped in a way that it has a space for each finger/set of fingers and the tip has a laser cut to secure the screw head better.

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By the way, it’s short notice but if anyone is interested that HOTO screwdriver set is on sale with a 30% discount, over on Amazon USA. LINK. This is a phenomenal buy for only $14 USD.

Trouble is, I just caught it and it’s a “lightning deal” with less than 30 minutes left, as of this post!

The turquoise model is marked down to $19.9i9 but has a 30% coupon. The orange model is marked down to $15.99 and has a 10% coupon…


Ordered the teal one last night. Was at my doorstep this morning.

Got it for $11.90


Wow, that was fast!

I ordered mine with a few other things that require longer shipping.

So, what do you think? Good buy?


Love it.

Should have bought one to drop ship to my father.

Triple the price now.


Yeah, I had this on my Camelx3 watch list for a while. I had missed the alert at first, nearly too late. You can get them for about $22 over on AliExpress. Of course, shipping is much much longer!

Hopefully they’ll have another lightning sale round on this sometime in the near future.


Frequency of sales in Ali is pretty much 1 every month :sweat_smile: so there will definitely be another sale very soon.