Metal shaker 0.3 mm

Has there ever been a shaker with an all-metal barrel and 0.3 mm, similar to the 2020ST?

Tough one. I can’t recall any… don’t think the Zebra Tect 2way 0.3 qualifies :joy:


¿ Would the lead survive the shakin’ ?

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I use it anyway :wink:

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Both the Pilot 2020 (HF-80R3-SL) and the Zebra Tect 2way work very well with Pilot Neox Graphite 2B in 0.3 mm :grinning:


The zebra tect 2way is probably my favorite shaker pencil, owing to the ability to lock it in place in either the upper or lower position and use it to adjust the center of balance. The 0.3mm size seems to work but I usually use 0.5mm or 0.7mm. Truth be told I prefer the Muji version because I like the clip and cap on those better, but sadly it’s discontinued.

None of them have full metal bodies, though.


The Tect is definitely on my top 5 for modern/recent streamline pencils —so far at least!—, not so much for the piston ability but especially for the quality of the materials and its form (which to a degree is informed by the double function)… It is a beautiful pencil and some limited editions have outstanding colour combos. For a long time I had some serious doubts about the push cap too… it was really bothering me but then I tried some replacements (many stuff fits there, including the straightforward Muji one) and you know what, another cap would just break all its charm. So swirly push cap won :smiley:

Never got a Tect Lite but I suspect it is similar to the Muji version in terms of quality? Which in that case is great because those Muji pencils are really nice too.


Yes, in fact I actually like the tect lite versions more than the tect 1000 versions with the metal grips, and the former are (in terms of feel and tolerances) indistinguishable from the Muji version. The parts are all 100% interchangable. I’ve been wondering if they’re actually a Kotobuki OEM.

I guess the main reason I prefer them is I like the translucency and pastel colors—which is actually somewhat uncharacteristic of me since I usually prefer wood or metal and dark colors. But if it’s gotta be plastic, at least clear plastic shows off the construction and mechanism somewhat, which I always enjoy. I have a few demonstrator fountain pens for the same reason.