Mechanica Pencils Text on Ring

Does someone here have the 3 generations of both the Mechanica 0.3mm and 0.5mm?

What I am looking for is the specific text that is written around the ring of each generation of pencils.

I have, what I believe to be, the first and second generation 0.3mm (no box or accessories other than one of the plastic sleeves). I have what I believe to be a second gen 0.5mm with box and accessories.

I am trying to get this information for the next iteration of the Pentel Pencil Book.

Also, if someone has the three 0.5mm, what are the differences between them? I have a writeup on the differences between the 0.3mm (in the Pentel Book - I don’t remember who provided this, maybe @drifand ), but would like to see how close they align with the 0.5mm version.

Has anyone ever seen the White Ring version that was listed in the Pentel Book on the Mechanica writeup? I am wondering if that is actually referring to the Graph for Film.


Someone wrote a summary post here and maybe you can reference it, I’m not familiar with mechanica myself.

Btw, for the white ring version mentioned in Pentel identification book, does anyone have a picture of it? I’ve never seen it before, or is it just a aging pen under sunlight?


I wonder if they mistook this for the Mechanica with white ring?

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Or, it was just a user who happened to switch the color rings on their own :laughing: I’ve seen similar misunderstanding before. I’d like to see more samples or at least the text under the color ring.

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There’s a couple of tweets that said they thought the ‘white ring MEC’ could have been a hoax, using the same size white ring from the cheapie Mitukan HARD3.

PMG/PG rings and mechanica rings are not interchangeable. It could be a yellow one very badly sunbleached though.

I will probably go ahead and remove that mention of the For Film MEC from the next version of the book. That will probably be in early October. I am waiting on some pencils to arrive at my proxy, then once they are here, I have some photos to take.

Yes. The first early PMG I had came with a Yellow ring, instead of a Red or Gold.