Me and Sharbo, ready, set, go!

Me and ‘boo getting work done today.


Is that an uncirculated series 2017A $2 note in the background? :wink:

I love the pencil and the note. (Fun Fact: Many banks today carry $2 bills. Just ask the teller the amount you want to withdraw.)


It’s not uncirculated. $2 bills are kinda my thing. I do all of my tipping in stacks of $2 bills. Restaurants, marina, workers, etc. Makes everyone happy. And I get to be the $2 dude.

I get them from my bank in stacks/bands of 100.


Wow… the $2 bill is still being made?? I had no idea. I thought it went out of circulation years ago (I’ve got like 2 of them in uncirculated condition, sequential numbers, stashed away in a safe box). I love the design. Such a classic looking bill.

Do you ever get weird looks from people or someone saying “Hey, is this real money??” :smile:

Speaking of the Sharbo, I really like this line by Zebra. It has an interesting evolution. My only gripe with the Sharbo X is that there’s no detent for retracted… so you have to fiddle with it. The early all steel etched Sharbo also lacks a detent for retracted but it seems easier to hit. The mechanism on the 3 I’ve gotten are all a little “clunky” while moving between refills, while the Sharbo X is super smooth. Have you ever tried to lubricate yours, Thom?


Yeah I have three from the first series and they all have a bit of a janky feeling to the twist mechanisms. Not horrible but not an awe inspiring twist.

Oh and there’s three things you don’t ask someone.

  1. their weight
  2. their age
  3. have you ever tried to lubricate yours

I’m calling your mother.


Darn it… and I forgot to ask your favorite brand! Now, I’ll never know. :sleepy::joy:

Also noted, I’ll never ask if your pipe slides. :sweat_smile: