Luddite Postdraw double knock

Overall okay. For sketching purpose I feel it lacks a slight weight to it. My hands aren’t particularly big, yet the body dimeter feels a bit too small. I think they carried over the clip from Techdraw model so maybe is has exact same shaft dimeter. The knock sound and feel in my opinion is okayish. The internals are mainly plastic. MUJI x Staedtler 925 35 vibes with the body style.


Looks like a variant of the Manufactum style internals. I wonder if I can swap the 0.7 Cult Pencil internals over…


Maybe worth a try. TBH the internal plastic molding quality seems cheap. Really hoped as a first double knock model from this brand they would invest in a slightly high grade mechanism.
I just saw your retro staedler double knock post and even the plastic body retro model seems to have high quality plastic internals. Also Luddite being this brand which supports hand crafted goods or authentic material products I really wonder why they would not make a recycled cardboard packaging design for the new releases.


The fact this costs 3,300 yen and uses cheap and basic materials…
Even the graphgear 1000 is better in this department, which is appalling.


The price is ‘high’ yes, but I don’t think it is right comparing the GG1000 to it. For one thing, the Postdraw doesn’t have a breakable plastic interconnect.

And of course a small brand doesn’t have the production scale like a Pentel or Uni to bring costs down to the 1000-1500 yen level. In the end, its success or failure is up to the market.

The quality of the internals I’ll have to see for myself when it arrives in Singapore. This part is really down to the OEM.


Something about that tip shape feels cheap to me. I’d like to see a metal tip instead of that contoured mould.

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Sorry if this has been asked, but: Does this only come in 0.5mm?

At the moment yes both the colors are offered in .5mm core size.

On twitter x I translated the company’s reply to someone where they said they might consider other core size model if the market response for this is good.

Is it worth 35$?

If you like it, yes. Small runs by small companies come and go. Unique aesthetics find their own fans. I mean, the PLOTTER 2002 launched at 3000 yen and cost around 5000 as stocks ran out. All gone now.

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Are they discontinued? What do you mean by all gone now?

PLOTTER has stopped making the 2001 and 2002 models. Existing stocks are all sold out.


Depends, personally I like the design and also just wanted to support their effort of putting out an all new double knock pencil.

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I always passed on the all black plotter Mp thinking it might age badly if the color starts to wear off. But now I desperately want it to complete the trio.

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If you run google translate on this page…

I guess ‘Manufacturer stock sold out’ is not the same as ‘Discontinued’. There could be a chance that they will order a new batch.


I feel kind disappointed with this appearance. It looks mediocre in many way, Since they decided to make a brand new product, why choose this style of look? Why not taking some characteristic style? They have some cool stuff like Techdraw 2, metal lead case and some nice leather pen box. It doesn’t matter if it makes this mp’s price go up, after all, Luddite is not a brand dedicated to low-end models.

And, why they make a semi double knock? A complete double knock will be much more attractive. There is no extreme manufacturing difficulty involved (I can understand they use plastic mechanism though, probably purchased from other manufacturer). I think some cheap vintage full metal body double knock mp, like JIB, UNI, are more attractive to me than this one