Luddite PostDraw 0.5mm

Just arrived from Japan this morning! A week earlier than I expected. I haven’t had the chance to write extensively with them yet but here are some photos:

Overall thoughts:

  • Body is matted aluminium. Feels awesome (and cold) in the hand.
  • Feels solid, no moving pieces when you “shake” it.
  • Surprisingly “small”(?) or “short” when held in hand. 14cm in length (tip not extended).

If you look at the nib, the inner lead dispenser(?) piece is not held by anything at the exit and just sits in the larger opening. Not sure if I’m keen about that - feels like all sorts of things can enter into it.

PS: The Platinum Pro-Use 231 was a disappointment so no comments here. Just stick with 171.


Rubber grip on the pro use right?


… sigh.

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Don’t most DoubleKnocks rest inside naked the same way??

(If they do or don’t). Why would that be a bad thing? Debris finding its way in? The possibility of it being vulnerable/exposed?

Most others I can think of perform the same way, no?

(Asking for educational purposes. )

If not, which ones do not retreat this way or how are they protected?

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The ‘true’ double knocks like the Pilot Holders that click like a ballpoint… somehow they feel more precise in their action compared to the ‘lazy’ side-button style mechanisms. Side-button designs tend to feel like there is more play between the guts and the outer wall.

The most precise feeling double knock I have owned is the Fuji Corona 0.3. The drafting style tip feels airtight as it locks into place. zero wiggle.


Hmm, after this statement, I went to look at my Rotring 800 and GraphGear 1000 and you were right. Not sure why I felt the PostDraw felt “flimsier” :worried:

For me, it’s really just debris. The bottom of my pen container is pretty dusty - in fact, when I took it out to check again, there’s already debris around the edges. The other worry I have is that the mechanism could eventually warped if dropped, etc. But I’ll admit that is just me worrying about things without evidence.